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GotCrabs? Well, you're going to need them to defeat the Jellies!
A 3D version of the classic Brick-Breaker with new characters and a tower defense feel.
A square reservoir is infested by layers of Jellyfish which are killed and released by Goldfish. You control the Ice Block paddle to prevent the Goldfish and Jellyfish from escaping the reservoir. Goldfish evolve into very powerful Pufferfish and Vampirefish; Why Not?
Crabs at the bottom help to redirect the memory challenged Goldfish towards the taunting Jellyfish hordes. The Crabs are easily exhausted and must eat the coral food plots to regain their strength. You'll need them to finish three layers of Jellies to win the free online game quickly and survive endurance matches.
In Game Help is accessed through the flickering '?' icon. Main Page is filled with skill icons that are earned by winning matches. Selectable icons will be halo's red as explained in the help pages.
The main page acts as a mixing board. Earning the Skills is the training period. Start by selecting the Fishing-1 Icon, second to the left. Click the green-triangle to begin the game.
Use mouse to control the ice-block (paddle) to prevent Goldfish and Jellyfish from escaping.
Off center hits can control rebounds and direct the fish to targets.
A pause button is located in the bottom-right corner.
Progress is saved locally as Guest or your Newgrounds userName. The GotCrabs~Skills act as a mixing board to customize your game from fast-n-furious to endurance-marathons. Read through the inGame Help Pages for details.
Or just sit back and enjoy the soothing Whale Song.
Category: Action

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